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The unconscious mind and how it may work in dating

As the English Wikipedia tells us, researchers "have sought to strip the notion of the unconscious from its Freudian heritage, and alternative terms such as "implicit" or "automatic" have come into currency."

In an article by Gebhard Roese, a former IT-specialist, he explains that there must be an automatic process in the unconscious mind of humans, and furthermore, that there is must be data exchange between the unconscious part of the mind and its conscious counterpart.

When do humans discover a personal problem?” Roese asks and answers the question as follows: “When the unconscious mind is at a loss, and it cannot find a solution, then it asks for help.” So who will help? The conscious mind, of course. So even it is much harder for the conscious mind to find solutions, because much energy is needs to do so, the conscious mind will take over, hopefully find a solution, and if the solution works, send it back to the unconscious mind. “That’s the way we solve problems”, he wrote in an article for the “Liebeszeitung” (Love Newspaper”).

The reason he wrote about it, was a German TV-show. The authors claimed, that the unconscious mind might be responsible for dating the right person and that this person might resemble a relative (mother or father).

Roese explained that this could be either right or wrong, because the unconscious mind is not “good” and not “bad” – it is just, what it is - a gigantic database, in which fragments of experience is stored. What comes out is kind of a puzzle, which may lead to “Mr. Right” as well as to “Mr. Wrong”.

Gebhard Roese is one of the few experts for online dating in Germany. He writes frequently for Blogs and other online media.

Please forgive me my strange English – it is not my first Language.


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